Our Guiding Principles

For Kemakmuran Group of Companies, personnel safety is placed at the forefront in every aspect of the operations. Strong emphasis is put on providing safe, genuine, quality products with prompt, efficient service and adopting green technology in every possible aspect of the business. We strive to participate in the building of a better tomorrow for our planet and our society through innovation. These are the guidelines that provided the framework for the group of companies.

Our Investments

What sets us apart is our substantial upstream investment in voluminous storage facility and manufacturing capability of materials that employs green technology for our downstream industries in our pavement related businesses. This strategic investment provided the advantage that better control the quality of final delivered products for every project. Likewise for the substantial investment in R&D powerhouse in Healthcare, this move has huge potential to generate substantial benefits to the company and the users of the products.

Our People

Another integral investment is the building and developing competent human resources of diverse backgrounds and experiences and combined the best in civil engineering, expertise in paving skills, and effective project management personnel for our engineering-based sectors. For Healthcare; qualified medical professionals, scientists, chemist and trained lab technicians combined with advanced equipment to produce superior quality products that ensures the delivery of exceptional end products and services to our customers.

Our Commitment

Kemakmuran Group is committed to improving productivity for the company, quality of life for the staff and community and ensuring quality of our products are backed by data and providing accountability with warranty. Innovation is the main driving force behind our support for ESG initiatives. It steers the company towards investing in technological innovation with special focus in green technology.