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Kemakmuran Group with an experience of more than 25 years, had grown into an established group of companies with cohesively interlinked industries that work towards providing a one-stop solution to the nation’s pavement needs. These industries span from fabrication and installation of road furniture, laying of road lines, pavement works to manufacturing.

Our flagship brand AWRTM (All Weather Road Marking material) was successfully specified in Malaysian Public Works Department technical instruction manual in 2012. The company is honored to be able to contribute towards making the roads safer for travelers with the exceptional quality road markings that reflects even in wet rainy conditions.

Kemakmuran Group recognizes the interconnectedness of global warming and the impact on environment to business activities and the significant role that companies can engage in to assist in counteracting the carbon footprint associated with these activities. The group of companies undertakes the initiative to work towards fulfilling the goals of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

The first approach towards supporting the reduction of the destructive effects to the environment is through recycling waste materials such as rubber tyres, discarded plastic materials and disposable rubber gloves by incorporating them into our bituminous paving materials. These wastes would otherwise be disposed of through burning, that pollutes the air or sent to landfills that contaminates the soil and water resources.  An initiative that has dual immediate benefits – waste recycling and more durable pavement and in the long term, an immeasurable benefit to the environment.  Thus, in 2018 our manufacturing plant was set up to recycle used rubber tyres to produce Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen. In March 2019, Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt (CRMA) was specified in the addendum for road works and it is considered a substantial move forward in the contribution towards caring for the Environment.

Our latest investment had vertically integrated upstream into voluminous storage facility for bitumen. This facility will ensure uninterrupted supply to our manufacturing plant.

In recent years, the group had grown to encompass healthcare under the umbrella where there are already 6 clinics in operations throughout the country and more in the pipeline that focus on Stem Cell Therapy. Moving upstream in healthcare, Kemakmuran Group had ventured into the R&D of Stem Cells related products which are now entering an exciting phase in development into final products for application by healthcare professionals and for homecare use.

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