Solar Powered Pavement Edge Warning Light

Solar Powered Pavement Edge Warning Light

Product Features and Advantages

  • Built-in solar panel with fully automatic rechargable system
  • Super bright led for continuous operations and longer life span
  • Fully functional in heightened visibility and all weather conditions
  • Easy installation with no cable required
  • Durable, reliable and maintenance free

Technical Specification

Solar Panel
  Type:Single Crystal

  Material:Sealed lead-rechargable

  Colour:∅10 Yellow
  Qty of LED:6 pcs
  Light Intensity:>8000 mod
  Flashing Rate:120 flashes/min. ±10%
  Operation Time:At Night

Size:38 x 15 x 4.3cm
Applications:Pavement Shoulder Indicator, Center Divider Edge Indicator