Kemakmuran Group exhibition booth at the 14th Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia (REAAA) Conference 2013.
Kemakmuran Group specializes in signboard installation.
Kemakmuran specializes in retro reflective road signage fabrication and installation.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Technicians operating Graco Thermolazer road marking machine.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Road line marking @ highway.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Guardrail installation @ PLUS highway.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Touch & Go sign marking @ PLUS highway.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Retro Reflectivity Test On Roadline.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Kilometer Post and Road Signage installation
Kemakmuran Group at work - Roadline marking.
Kemakmuran Group at work - Road signage installation.

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Kemakmuran Group of Companies was incorporated since the year 2000. Our aim is to excel in the burgeoning road sign boards and road visibility industry, focusing primarily on Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. Our purpose is to optimise our expertise in this industry, channelling the potential of technological advancements to anticipate and participate in the demand of phenomenal growth in the industry. read more...